Ramadan FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers asked in Ramadan
  •  The criteria for exemption of a fast for sick person
  •  The harm which is unbearable 

    Disease  would prolong or will cause increase in pain

  • Getting cured would be prolonged
  • The surety or the probability of above mentioned criteria should be based upon  genuine ,logical and rational reasons

If fasting is harmless  for the mother and the child then its wajib on her to fast

1.During 8 or 9 month of pregnancy if she fears  any harm for herself or child then she can abandon the fast. After Ramadhan she should give Qaza and  pay Fidya for each day

2. during 1st to 7th  month of pregnancy if she fears  any harm for herself or child then she can abandon the fast. After Ramadhan she should give Qaza but Fidya is not applicable

Many patients think if they test their  sugar and draw blood the fast will be void but drawing blood doesn’t affect fast.

If they find out right diet  and manage their timings for medicine they can even improve their health through fasting

  • If someone doesn’t do Seheri and is feeling dizzy its his/her own mistake 
  • The above mentioned rule is different for individual whose health can be at risk but generally if you can manage you cant skip fast due to this reason

Pregnant and lactating mother who are exempted from fast because  they are sure that it would cause  severe harm to them or/and their child  so they have to give Fidya after   passing each day of Ramadhan but they cant pay in advance . They can pay the fidya for all missing fasts at once also after passing the whole month of Ramadhaan

  • The patients who are required to take insulin injections they can do so.
  • Insulin is not considered food or drink. 
  • Sublingual medicines  used by heart patients 
  • That are dissolved under the tong but do not enter the throat  is allowed according to Ayatullah Sistani.  Ayatullah Kamenei  conceders the fast invalid based on Ihtiyaate Wajib.
  • All medicine injections? Allowed.
  • Glucose or nutritional injections?

    – Ayatullah Khooie and Sistani(Allowed)

    – Ayatullah Khomeini and Khamenei. (Not Allowed Based on Ihtiyate Wajib)

  • If the blood that come out from the teeth is swallowed intentionally it will break the fast.
  • If someone swallows the blood unintentionally it will not break the fast.
  • If the blood from the teeth is so little that it gets mixed with the saliva in such a way that it is not considered blood anymore, then it is ok to swallow it

Endoscopy does not break the fast unless any liquid is applied on the tube entering the body.

  • If an old person is not able to fast due to his old age he doesn’t have to fast but should give fidya for each day.
  • An old person who feels unbearable hardship in fasting he doesn’t have to fast and can give his Fidya in advance.
  • Very old people who can not observe fasting are exempted from fast. 
  •  There is no hard and fast rule for figuring out the age to describe “old people”.It is between them and their Lord. If they can fast easily.

If a woman is clean before Fajr time but there is no time for ghusl e wajib or tayamum, then she has to do niyyat for the fast without doing the ghusl/tayamum. Her fast will still be valid.

Yes, drawing blood doesn’t harm the fast

  • Blood donation is allowed.
  • Blood testing is allowed
  • using rectal suppository is allowed
  • it is allowed as long as it is not a liquid enema.
  • If travelling before Zuhr, you should still make the intention to fast no matter what time the flight is
    • If travelling too far, then once you cross a certain distance while travelling (hade tarakus), you may eat then
    • If you reach destination before Zuhr, then you have to complete the full fast.
  • If travelling after Zuhr, you have to complete roza
  • Those who don’t perform ghusl before fajr due to laziness or shyness deliberately
  • He/she has to perform qaza roza and kafarah also
  • Solution: if less time is permitted before Fajr, he or she can do tayamum and their fast will be accepted but the person should do tauba later
  • Previous qadha fasts should be completed before coming  Ramadhan.
  • If not completed before coming  Ramadhan , then you must do previous qadha fasts and also Kaffaara e Takhir, which is ¾ kg of wheat per qadha fast. Give it to any poor , namzi, deendaar momin
  • Should be a Shia following the 12 Imams
  • Should not be a person who neglects daily Namaz
  • Should not commit sins openly
  • Should not spend Kaffaara money in haram ways

 It is allowed with the condition of certainty that they will follow the rules and laws of Fiqh and send the money to the truly deserving people.

Marhoom father’s qadha fasts can be compensated by giving 750 grams of wheat for each day to a needy Momin. There is no need to offer his qadha fasts. Other family members also can bear that expense on behalf of the Marhoom beside the eldest son.


For example:  Instead of fasting for 60 days as Kaffaara , you fast for 10 days and feed 50 needy people (Miskeen)


  • Can be given to a deserving Syed or a non Syed



  • only to be given to a non Syed

According to Ayatullah Sistani, fitrah can only be given to the deserving and distributed among them.

According to Ayatullah Khamenei, it can be given for construction although it better if it’s given to the deserving.


  • One can use nasal spray while fasting. It does not affect fast, but it should be a spray bottle rather than a dropper.
  • Likewise using eye drops  and ear drops are also allowed even if you feel it’s taste in your mouth. It doesn’t effect the fast


Using lip balm or lip gloss to prevent the lips from dryness, does not invalidate the fast as log as their particles dose not enter the throat.

  • Using any fragrant spray to remove the smell of mouth makes the fast Batil (invalid) if it reaches throat. Otherwise is allowed. 

Applying surma in the eyes is allowed as long its taste or smell doesn’t reach the throat.

  • During the fast it is allowed to use oil, cream, lotion, ointment, deodorants. 
  • Allthough these things get absorbed in the skin but the not invalidate the fast.
  • All these things are allowed while fasting,
  • Mehndi
  • Coloring the hair
  • Cutting the nails
  • Cutting the hair

It is fine to visit a dentist during the fast for treatment. But the blood or cleansing water should not be swallowed intentionally.