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This channel is created to educate & empower women of all ages with Islamic values. Our speaker is Khanum Syeda Asma Abidi. Syeda Asma Hyder resides in Chicago, Illinois. She has a Masters Degree in Islamic Studies and has studied in Islamic seminary, Jamia uz Zehra, Board of Islamic Studies (BIS), and Madrasa-tul-Qaim from 2004-2009. She has served as a religious scholar, educator, speaker, and counselor. Various Islamic topics are discussed within this channel in order for us all to better ourselves and strengthen our faith in Allah SWT & the 14 Masomeen. This channel is intended to serve all Sisters so please be mindful of that. We welcome sisters of all faith to join us. This material is protected under copyright by the Al Kausar Organization. Please do not duplicate, copy, or reproduce the material without permission. Copyright © 2020 Al Kauthar